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Classic Rock N' Roll For Corporate Events

ClassicRockUSA assists and expedites the purchasers of classic rock artists for private, corporate and special events. We assist in artist selection, booking, negotiation, contract review, sound reinforcement, stage lighting, video, stagehand labor, power distribution, security, travel, artist coordination, logistics and catering.

Detailed planning, execution, supervision, knowledge, and experience by an onsite producer are the reasons why we make our conference planners and convention managers heroes of their organization. Corporate entertainment events are more complex and demanding. Merging live entertainment, audio and visual media requires a seasoned professional management team. ClassicRockUSA is the single source that offers a turn-key solution to a successful special event production.

You likely remember your teenage memories the fondest of all, and those days were likely defined by the classic rock music that swept through the country as early as the 1950s and started a cultural revolution that continues today. ClassicRockUSA makes it easy to find all of those classic artists that were a part of your car stereo’s repertoire during the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s.

It’s no surprise that a list of the top 100 classic rock songs forms the basis of so many television and radio shows today. Thousands of songs, each of which carries special meanings and memories for their listeners, have been written through the form of rock. Whether it’s that killer guitar solo that you remember listening to at a concert during your first date, or the sweet, warm vocal harmonies of your favorite group, nearly everyone has some classic rock songs that stay with them for decades to follow.

Furthermore, both the young and the old embrace classic rock today because it has such universal appear. Sure, your kids might be into the modern bands that you hear blasting on the radio every day, but more and more young people are learning that the basis for the music they like is in classic rock. Classic rock bands made the rules and the culture that surrounds rock music of all kinds possible. Plus, when it comes down to it, classic rock bands are just plain fun! If you’re looking for top quality entertainment that’s a guaranteed winner at your next event, put your audience’s rock sensibilities to the test with one of the accomplished bands featured on ClassicRockUSA’s roster. Whether it’s the low-down dirty, Southern rock sounds of Dickey Betts and Great Southern, the quirky 1980s newage of Devo, the dulcet tones of Hall and Oates or the magic of any of a number of band’s available through ClassicRockUSA, look no further to find the rockin’ entertainment your audience craves.

Plus, you’ll find more on ClassicRockUSA than rock bands. We will bring back the golden days of Motown through bands through our list of available acts, and also cater to those who fell in love with classic pop from the good old days. If you’re ready to rock, then you’re ready to give ClassicRockUSA a call today and to keep the feeling of your classic rock youth alive.

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